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Teaching ‘teachers’

I use the term teacher in the broadest sense of the community of practitioners who work towards people’s learning and development.

In my case these teachers are mostly educators of adults: coaches, trainers, professors or other faculty.

My work with them focuses on how to make the teaching trigger transformational learning. Much of what is taught to adults is mere transfer of knowledge but too often fails to deepen learning and fuel the development of people.

There are many unhelpful mental models we have come to acquire as teachers. Many stem from our own experience as students actually. The notion that grades matter, that individual performance is what gets rewarded, that learning is often cumbersome and boring, and many other techniques like homework, readings and the like.

Here is where I bring my own practice as an adult educator in management and leadership and my research in transformational learning and pedagogy.

I design and conduct learning environments in which is teachers can –make explicit their own models of teaching and learning
-familiarize themselves with the latest theories of pedagogy
-transform their course work

For examples of my work see my work with faculty of the Istanbul Business School.


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