My Blogs

I have a few blogs running on topics that interest me. Thank you for checking them out and commenting and reposting them as much as you enjoy.

Hagia Sophia and Blue MosqueCool Istanbul

All the things I find cool about my city of cities,
Stories of my encounters,
Discoveries of visual, culinary and other beauties.


Fuji-san, Oct.2012

Cool Japan

My discoveries about the coolness of Japan,
From my physical and virtual travels,
From Readings, Hearings, and Sightings.


IMG_8596Open Society 

I collect ideas from around the world and history in my call for developing societies,
with fully developed civil rights, allowing for full development of each persons unique talents,
living in vibrant community peaceful with neighbours. These are my travel stories on the silkroad of ideas for an open society.


Gezi Park J

Human Flourishing

My insights from personal practice and discovery on
developing our character,
realizing what our true potential is,
growing it purposefully and patiently.


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