About me

The best way how I can describe who I am is by what I do and how I do it. In the most general sense I am a teacher; this takes a variety of forms:
– for organizations I work as a faculty in executive development programs
– for teams I work as a facilitator
– for individuals I work as a coach and mentor
– for universities and their students I work as a lecturer.

My common passion in all these forms of work is enabling development; the ability to motivate others to be outstanding at whatever they do.

We live in a time of achievement and expertise; as we specialize and focus for high performance results I observe with worrisome regularity that organizations and individuals paradoxically get lost. Whenever business gets reduced to just making the numbers (taking primacy over serving customers and society) and individuals start to act in ways that is selfish and hurtful to others something is wrong. My personal belief is that organizations and individuals get lost: they are faced with challenges that they cannot cope with. That is why they need to grow; to use the challenge as an opportunity to develop to a level at which they can see the challenge with fresh perspective and face it in new ways.

Development in this sense is hard; most organizations and people do things in a habitual way, they work from within their box. To develop means to see that you work in this box and then have someone guide you to get out of the box and adopt new habits. This is where I come into play. I design learning approaches that allow organizations and people to develop out of their old box of habits. I see myself as an architect of learning, designing to the needs of people and institutions the space and content that allows them to grow to face their challenges with new possibilities.

For this purpose I bring a diverse background to play. I was born to Turkish parents from Istanbul and grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. As a young adult I went to study Industrial Engineering and Business in the US. My first career was as a management consultant and then as project manager with McKinsey. I worked globally and across industries, on the factory and customer front lines and executive board rooms, in marketing and sales to R&D functions.

I invite you to have a look at my professional code of conduct and my project gallery to understand closer how I work.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest.



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